Mycenae Reach Out Projects offers social meet ups to local people to help tackle isolation

We want people to get together, make friends and to engage in activities that lead to fulfilling lives.

Mycenae House current Reach Out Projects

Shortlisted for SLA

Community Award 2023

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***Breaking news****and is that a drum roll I hear? - A heartfelt Project with The Reach Out Project at Mycenae House and Rectory Court Care Home and Leah Lodge Care Homes

Knit/crochet/sew/make your own nana/papa and child dolly and write on the tag what you love about them and join us in our brand new yarnstorm project.

With every stitch, we knit together a tapestry of love and connection, mending the fabric of our community. Through the art of yarnstorming, we transform loneliness into a collective embrace, weaving stories of resilience and compassion. Each handmade dolly, each crocheted heart, carries a message of hope, a testament to the power of human kindness. Stitching together a nana or papa dolly is like creating a tangible hug, a comforting presence that dispes loneliness. With every knot and loop, we weave a web of understanding, bridging the gaps that separate us and bringing hearts together

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The Reach Out project is currently funded from any surplus made from running Mycenae House. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our income from room hire has been hugely affected, we have therefore established a crowd-funding campaign and donations can be made here:

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